Kevin Griffin

Kevin was new to Lincoln in the early ’80s, being transferred here from Kansas City for work. He only knew one person in the city of Lincoln, and when he needed automotive repair, he asked them for a recommendation.

“I remember my first appointment with Hofker Automotive was at the end of the week in ‘82. I dropped my vehicle off early that morning with plans of going back to Kansas City that evening. The rest of that day was such a busy, hectic day that by the end of the night when I completely forgot to pick my car up before Hofker Automotive closed. I called Jim at around 7 p.m. that same night and explained the situation. Jim being Jim drove back in from Eagle to pick me up from the south side of Lincoln and drove me back to his shop where he got me my car and on my way by eight that night. Ever since that day, I have been a customer of Hofker Automotive. Jim is such an honest professional that leaves all of his customers feeling as though they can trust him with their vehicle knowing he doesn’t do unnecessary work on their vehicle.” 

Kevin went on to say that because of the culture that Jim has created at Hofker Automotive that even if Jim retired, he would continue to use them as his preferred mechanic because he knows he can trust them.


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February 6, 2020